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That is what my Jesus is to me. His voice is sweet, and His form is lovely. The most amazing, incomprehensible thing, though, is that I am altogether Beautiful to Him.

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I am a daughter of the King. I am a friend of sinners. I am confident that nothing shall separate me from the love of God. I am seeking a heart after God's own heart. I am righteous in Jesus Christ, apart from the works of the law. I am not ashamed of the Gospel.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

a bit about me...

Ten years ago i...
Used proper punctuation and capitalization. On my 12th birthday I went to the funeral of a very godly woman. Her husband preached a sermon about his "Proverbs 31 Girl." He went through the entire passage explaining and giving examples of how she had exemplified every one the virtues listed in Proverbs 31- she was pure gold to him. It really gave me a vision as to the kind of woman I wanted to be. About 2 months later I was diagnosed with diabetes. The next summer I moved to OK!

Five years ago i...
Went to Dallas for an 8 weeks academic and spiritual training program for young women. It was an amazing time with the Lord where I surrendered several major areas of my life to Him. It was also there that He confirmed His call for my life...

One year ago i...
Got all A's in my classes, took first year French (loved it!), learned more stuff from the Lord. *Very important lesson learned; my Ministry is not my Life Purpose or Calling... my purpose is to know Christ personally and my calling is to know Him, my Ministry is the stuff I do in obedience to Him. Significance; the stuff I do can be taken away, or done by other people. If I'm not understanding the difference between Purpose and Ministry, then when other's take "my" ministry then I get confused and think I have no purpose... or I get jealous because they took mine, instead of glorying that the work of God is being done. Anyway...

Yesterday i...
Cleaned the house, talked to Luke, went for a walk, meditated on parts of Ps. 16, created a blogspot, got the house messy again, had Leaha over, checked out "facebook" for the 1st time, watched part of a stupid movie, watched TV and talked.

Five snacks i enjoy...
~golden delicious apples
~triskets (sp?) and cheese

Five songs i know all the words to...
"happy birthday"
"when you say you love me" by josh groban (i love him!!)
"heart of worship"
"Amazing Grace"
"America the Beautiful"

Five things i would do with a hundred million dollars...
~go back to africa for missions
~go everywhere for missions
~feed the children
~buy a stunning gown and travel to every famous and wonderful theater and opera house in the world- listening to the most amazing music, watching beautiful ballets, and enjoying theatre old and new... wow, now i'm daydreaming...
~find someone else to manage my money.

Five bad habbits...
~spending too much time online when i should be doing schoolwork
~messying my house, and room, and car, as soon as i clean them
~not taking charge
~either being too forceful or too easily intimidated

Five biggest joys...
~my family
~seeing people happy/ making people smile

Five things i would never wear...
~hmm... i don't know. never say never.

Five favorite tv shows...
hehe, what not to wear :)
~movie club
~king of queens
~everybody loves raymond

Five fictional characters i'd be interested in...
Clark Kent (holy cow!)
Brad Pitt in any of his movies...
ok, now i realize that i'm really shallow here...
Richard Greere (don't even know how to spell his name) in Runaway Bride or Pretty Woman.
The hotel proprieter in Pretty Woman.


Anonymous Megan Bullock said...

WOW! I found out alot about you that I did'nt know. You are such a great friend and I LOVE to be around you! You have a Beautiful smile so use it often!

In Christ: ~~Megan Cherie~~

4:30 PM, April 10, 2006  

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