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That is what my Jesus is to me. His voice is sweet, and His form is lovely. The most amazing, incomprehensible thing, though, is that I am altogether Beautiful to Him.

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I am a daughter of the King. I am a friend of sinners. I am confident that nothing shall separate me from the love of God. I am seeking a heart after God's own heart. I am righteous in Jesus Christ, apart from the works of the law. I am not ashamed of the Gospel.

Friday, January 06, 2006

a Pure heart...

Well I've just been thinking lately, and I wanted you all to know, that Rebecca Linzey has the purest heart of anyone I think I've ever met. Now she needs to learn and grow for sure, she's not perfect, but her Heart Is. Anyway, just wanted to make it official.


Anonymous amansfield said...

*officialized* :)

And if you see "Brother Linzey" again, tell him 'hey' for me:) He was a lot of fun!

9:22 PM, January 08, 2006  
Anonymous Lauren said...

I would have to agree with you! She is super sweet. Her heart is so pure!(as you said) and one thing I love is what you see is what you get. I have really enjoyed working with her at the OTC!

12:55 PM, January 12, 2006  
Blogger Sargini said...

that so cool. i was talking to a friend tonight about some guy she met. he is honest and has a great heart, but she cant overlook his flaws. i told her it better than the last guy that played heads games with her. even if he had no personal flaws. what do you think?

9:38 PM, January 12, 2006  
Blogger Shannon Hodges said...

Thank you, Lauren, it is so awsome to have you at the TC! Rebecca likes you too :-)

Alex, are you talking about Ron? Or Rebecca's dad? Ron has moved to CA... but I think you're talking about Mr. Linzey, who is totally awsome! I love it when he sings my name!

Welcome to my blog! I think, in answer to your question, that balance is required. I definately believe that a good heart is of greater lasting value than having "no flaws." However, a lot of the heart may be revealed Through the "flaws," depending on what they are.
Psalm 24:3&4 says,

" 3Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place?
4He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully."

It appears from these verses that a
person with a pure heart will also have "clean hands"~ meaning that his actions will be in accordance with the condition of his heart. SO, everyone makes mistakes of course~ but Some "flaws" are indications of something deeper. I couldn't know about your friends new friend, just because I don't know the situation. In general, though, I'd rather be friends with someone with a good inside than someone who Jesus described as a "white-washed seplachure." Outside they are painted white, but "inwardly they are full of dead mens bones." Yuck! :P

9:36 AM, January 13, 2006  

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