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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Traffic Stopping!

Hey y'all! Would you ever believe?? Traffic stopped for me last night! And I don't mean because I got in a wreck :-) I was driving onto Tinker Air Force Base, headed to the Exchange (shopping center)... there are two lanes into the base, and an officer at each to check your military ID before you enter. Well, the Exchange is a ways away to the right. There is a small service road which heads that direction, but which had been closed for a long time, so I have always gone straight ahead on the main roads and come around. Anyway, I was entering the base through the left lane. The officer greeted me cheerfully, and of course I'm always cheerful and so I smiled and greeted him back. There were quite a few people in both lines, but I decided to quickly ask him if it was possible to get to the Exchange from that side road. He said "Yes, it sure is." THEN he called to the other officer, "Stop Traffic!" a van was already moving through that line so he called again, "Stop Traffic! Stop that car!" And he smiled and I said, "Oh! Wow, Thank You!" and crossed in front of the van with the bewildered driver and went my merry way down the service road to the Exchange. :) He made my day :D

In Other news... I got Paris pictures printed today!! YAY!!!! They have been waiting over three years now, and I finally did it! I spent $43.94 and left wishing I had much more money. I printed 90 4x6's 18 5x7's 5 wallets, and 1 8x10. You guys, the pictures are absolutely AmAzInG!! I truly couldn't believe how stunning so many of them were. Pure art. And I'm not a photographer~ the pictures make themselves. But now, I am not satisfied with the sizes. I need to go back and print many more 8x10's and at least several 10x14's or whatever the next size up is. Really. My bedroom walls are quite bare right now, they have been waiting for me to get around to figuring out how to print from a CD... yes, I know, it's easy... but I didn't know that until last Monday. I just went to WalMart, but the quality is really good. I can't wait until my walls are covered with Paris!!

I also found out that my Saturday 8-5 computer class actually only lasts until 9:45, the rest is basically "lab," working on whatever was discussed. Yep, I finished at 11. And That is only because all the power in our house went off during the night, so my 6:15 alarm didn't go off. My mom woke me up at 8:30 (I slept for 10 hours!) and I live 20 minutes from school. I wasn't ready for the day yet, so I got to class at 9:30. Oh well, didn't miss much :-) And this means that I Will have my Saturday's for the next 4 weeks, And that I won't have to do homework outside of class!! WooHoo!!

Well, I love you all~ Thank's for reading!!



Anonymous amansfield said...

You have no idea how much that story grates on my nerves:) Erf. A woman's mind... holding up "quite a few people" for a minor convenience. Eiyiyi. erg. arf. I've got to go clean something;) lol

Sounds very neat about the pictures! And even neater about the homework:)

1:25 PM, January 16, 2006  
Blogger Crazy4Photos said...

Hey there Shannon!
Thanks for dropping by my Blogger and Xanga!

I'm so proud of you for getting your images printed! I know it's hard when you have digital and you have all those images to get printed off your camera. Right now I'm sorting through 7,000 prints from New Zealand for my album…. and boy can that be hard on a girl’s eyes!

You asked how life was going? Well, I'm keeping myself busy with photography, writing, family and trying to brush up on other skills along the way. Plans for this year possibly take a photography teaching job and also do some traveling on the side.:)
I'm so ready to do what the Lord wants me to do, and I don’t want to take things so quickly that I do something that the Lord did not design for me to do. Pleases pray that I will always do what is right and most importantly have the blessings from my family when making my decisions. Having my parents blessings means the world to me.

Please keep in touch on how your exciting life is going!:)

Love ya girl!

With the joy of the Lord!

5:24 PM, January 20, 2006  

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