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That is what my Jesus is to me. His voice is sweet, and His form is lovely. The most amazing, incomprehensible thing, though, is that I am altogether Beautiful to Him.

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I am a daughter of the King. I am a friend of sinners. I am confident that nothing shall separate me from the love of God. I am seeking a heart after God's own heart. I am righteous in Jesus Christ, apart from the works of the law. I am not ashamed of the Gospel.

Friday, March 24, 2006

"Study, or go to bed"

"Mom, what should I blog about?"
"I don't know. If I knew, I'd have my own blog. That's why I go to your blog."
"Hmm... oh I know what I'll say!"
"Wait, no. Don't blog. Either Study, or go to bed."
Ok I suppose I won't blog.

But first, I would like to say, what a wonderful day, it has been.
I updated my profile.
I went to work and finished the Character Community Network Update with the Magnificent Toni Swayze! Kudos to Toni!!!! And thank you, Father, for so gifting and inspiring her. :-)

I talked to Leaha today! She came by the office. I love Leaha, she's a great friend. Busy friend.
I talked to Quinton today, he came to the TC to go camping with some of the guys. He just took the bar exam in CA.
Anita is going to take the bar exam this summer. She is my office mate and a wonderful person and friend. God bless Anita!
I've been reading Jeremy's blog too much.
I need to hang out with Alex. I miss her! Maybe on Sunday...



Blogger cd2078 said...

You still have country music listed as one of your interest and that's not any improvement in your profile;-)

7:36 AM, March 26, 2006  

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