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That is what my Jesus is to me. His voice is sweet, and His form is lovely. The most amazing, incomprehensible thing, though, is that I am altogether Beautiful to Him.

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I am a daughter of the King. I am a friend of sinners. I am confident that nothing shall separate me from the love of God. I am seeking a heart after God's own heart. I am righteous in Jesus Christ, apart from the works of the law. I am not ashamed of the Gospel.

Monday, May 29, 2006


My heart is HAPPY!!!!
Not sure what made the difference, except God. I was sitting on my porch feeling just down and sad, and I realized (duh) that my joy comes from the Lord!
So I asked Him to work in me and give me joy, and then I read the entire book of Proverbs (so cool!!) and my heart just got happier and happier.
I'm very grateful for the day off.


Blogger cd2078 said...

I sat on my porch today too, I did not read the entire book of Proverbs-I did work LSAT problems all day which did not make me happy. j/k

11:21 PM, May 29, 2006  
Anonymous amansfield said...

I'm so glad you are happy. A sad Shannon is a world not quite right... barely imaginable. :)

7:36 AM, May 30, 2006  
Anonymous lauren said...

So happy you are happy! a little lol! :-)

luv ya!


12:17 PM, May 30, 2006  
Blogger Bethany said...

Hi Shannon! My name is Bethany and I went to school with your brother. I was catching up on his posts, and I am very glad he has a link to your blog. I wanted to tell you how encouraging it is to me. It is very evident in all your posts that you really love Christ and are ecstatic about Him. Your joy is contagious! Thanks for being such a light!

7:32 PM, May 31, 2006  

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