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Monday, October 16, 2006

Oops... Hi!

Hey Y'all!

Well.... I had an awesome time in DC and NYC.

Really, everything was fantastic! First, I went to Alex Mansfield's home and met his wonderful family. The little ones were exceptionally adorable and delightful, and the olders ones had such class and poise- they are a very impressive bunch. Ruth has a large dose of Audrey Hepburn- poise, grace, and a sweet demeanor. Mrs. Mansfield, Chelsea, and Ruth helped me put an ensemble together for The Phantom of the Opera- thanks ladies!

Oh yes- and Alex taught me how to make steak! I did a great job! :-) hehe...

Billy Lewis joined us after dinner, and he and Alex and I stayed up until about 2:30am if I remember correctly. Despite the best laid plans, we enjoyed our morning and made it to DC around... 12? maybe 11, on Saturday. The plan we to be there at something more like 9/9:30.

The little place we stayed at was marvelous, a delightful, luxurious hotel (bouquet?) with simple, modern, comfortable decor. My room was awesome! This huge gigantic tall king bed with an imposing headboard, a full couch, a patio looking out over the city, a desk and chair, a leopard print robe, large toilet (hehe- meaning bath/powder room :-) I'm so funny!) and a large TV/sound system. They even had Christian music playing in the room when I arrived.

Many deep philisophical conversations took place in DC. It was like a deep breath of fresh mountain air- discussing relationships, war, race, politics- all sorts of taboo/politically incorrect subjects- sometimes to a specific end, but often for the pure joy of discussion. You know, like the Greeks- all sharing and anticipating some new thing to "make their ears tingle." (to paraphrase Brother Paul, the Apostle)

Ruth's Chris had more refined steak, and I liked it better. Sorry Jeremy :( . Jeremy joined the three of us in DC. He actually rescued us from this apartment/condo complex where we had gotten ourselves lost to. We walked so much it was fantastic!!!! But eventually we got tired, and needed to hurry back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We actually just took the scenic route to... wherever we ended up... from the National Cathedral. The Cathedral was breathtaking! It matched many of the cathedrals in Europe. It was really amazing how much more life this cathedral seemed to have, compared to European ones. Really, you walk into Notre Dame, or Sacre Cure, or the Vatacan, or the big church in London (sorry Megan, I don't remember what it's called)- and they just seem so empty. Hollow shells filled with monuments to men, and small remnants of a desire to glorify God. Something about the National Cathedral was different, though it followed the architectural pattern of Notre Dame. I think part of it was the Scripture engraved on so many of the stones. Another thing was the memorials- there were stones laid in memoriam of different people, but almost all of them were engraved first with God's praise, par example, "To the Glory of God, creator of heaven and earth, and in memorial of J. D. Haggardingly..." And then it would go on to tell how J.D.'s life glorified God, and after posting the years of his life, it would go on to quote some Scripture which truly exalted God. I just liked it.

Anyway, if anyone is still reading... NYC was very cool, the Phantom of the Opera was beyond compare. If you've seen the newest Phantom movie- imagine something 10x richer, 10x more emotional, and 10x more masterful in every way... and I found even the movie bewitching. I had never been to a live Broadway performance, so it was a completely new experience which I profoundly enjoyed.

NYC though... it was dirty, smoggy, just ok. Well... better than ok :-) I really like things clean! So some parts of the city were thoroughly enjoyable. We had rice pudding at Rice to Riches- featured on Hitch! That was fun :-) I should check out the nutritional information... hehehe :-)

The trip was fantastic and the company unbeatable... almost ;-) (I love you!)

Oh yes! And the black dress!! It worked perfectly- the overlay didn't quite happen, but Mrs. Mansfield offered me her black velvet stole for the evening which was perfectly elegant. (Thank you again!!)

Well, I'm really sleepy now.

Everyone have a beautiful night and day!

In Christ,


Anonymous amansfield said...

I had a lot of fun. So glad you could make it! You did a great job on the steak. One side was cooked very nicely... other then, I'm going to restrict my compliments to your very nice formal wear. ;) lol.

I think one of my favorite parts as well was just talking with you guys... It was great how we could just talk without any stated purpose... but it still felt like we were resolving the issues. Hehe. Perfect conversation. And I still chuckle over my Ceasar Salad. ;)

I liked Ruth Chris too. One thing you have to keep in mind though is that they aren't all the same. The one in Crystal City where we ate is better then most just because of the view (I think).

Definitely agree on the Cathedral. Remember this? hehe.

You should have stayed with us that last Afternoon. You would have loved the part of NY we went through... very clean... very classy.

I'll talk to you later!


12:38 PM, October 23, 2006  
Blogger jhjessup said...

Shannon, I'm in love with you!


12:08 PM, October 30, 2006  

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